Thank you Authors

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I forgot how much I love to read! I’m currently on my fourth book in the last week and a half. That’s not bad going (at least I think it’s not bad going anyways :p ). I tend to get obsessive about things, which means that I give it my all until I just stop! That’s kinda the way I always am. I try stuff for a while, rarely keep doing it consistently and then I give it up. (like this blog for example) Reading is something that I can always come back to though. This is something that I am very grateful for.

I love that I can get  lost in a completely different world. I mayor may not be able to relate to the characters in the slightest but the imagination of some of authors never ceases to amaze me! The way they can capture an audience with mere words and keep us engrossed is baffling when you think about it! We speak to people every day (well most of us do anyway), we use words to put across messages to other people, to engage with other people, but to be able to put words on 700+ pages and still have the audience wanting more is a talent that I am slightly extremely envious of.

My current book is the first installment of “Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin and this is all its cracked up to be! As an avid fan of the show I decided to read the book to see how different it is. So far (just over halfway through it) the tv series has been fairly true to the book, which I am very happy about.

To all the authors out there, new or old, published or unpublished, I take my hat off to you! (I’m not actually wearing a hat, but I take my headphones off to you at least)

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Keep inspiring!

My sincere gratitude

Xx EllieMay


Day 6

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Today marked day 6 in my new job, and I gotta say: so far so good! Granted sometimes I do feel like I’m more on the way than anything else but when I was getting ready to leave today I got a phone call from one of the bosses! He was asking if I could cover him for a few hours on Friday (my day off for the week), naturally being so new, I said that I would. 

Afterwards though, I was thinking about it, and realistically I can’t be that bad in there if he wants me to cover him… Can I? 

I don’t know, but it was a bit of a confidance booster nonetheless! 😄 

On that happy note (for me anyways :P) it’s sleeping time! 

I hope the best of dreams grace you with their presence tonight!!



We are almost 5 days into the 6th month of the year already!? Is it just me or is this the fastest year yet? Time is going way too fast for my liking but maybe that’s a sign that i’m getting old. Sometimes it makes me sad that I have accomplished so little in my life. When I look at the people around me and see where they are in their lives it makes me think that I was definitely just wasting my time for so long. I guess when I think about it though, I did waste a lot of my youth.

So after school I started a university course. I hated it. I hated the atmosphere. The class was too big to talk to the same people every day so I didn’t really make any real friends. The course that I chose just wasn’t for me so I was miserable. I decided to drop out of the course after first year and take some time to think about doing something else. I took a year, and another year and another year, etc. etc. until i didn’t think I would ever go back to studying full time.

Obviously when I was trying to find my next calling in life I had to be working. So I went full time in a shitty job that I also hated, but I knew the routine, I knew the people and I was comfortable there. It wasn’t hard work by any standards but it was a bit of money at the end of every week. Not much, but enough to survive,

At this time I also stopped talking to my friends, I had it in my head that I would be holding them back somehow. They didn’t drop out of college, they had their new friends… why would they want to hang around with a boring college drop out who has a shitty job and a very boring life. Eventually they stopped asking me to go out with them, and who can blame them? People can only take so much rejection! I was a hermit, I had retreated into my shell and was constantly putting myself down and just generally unhappy with life.

One of the girls that I was in school with, K,  had moved away for college so the only time I ever really went out was when she was home, we kept in contact and for that I am so grateful! After I went to visit her one summer things changed when I got back. I think I snapped! I started to talk to some old friends, I started to go out a lot more and I was a different person if I’m honest. (although my bank account suffered a lot!!)

Not long after this a friend, C, that has literally known me for my whole life introduced me to the idea of positive thinking and the power of the universe. Although at this stage I had adopted a care free attitude, was so much happier and was in a much better place (mentally and emotionally) I really think this helped me to be a happier and better person.

Looking at my life now, and comparing it to a mere two years ago the difference is unreal. I went back to studying. I’m doing a course that I love, (I even have friends in this one 😛 ) I have friends that I can confide in and that confide in me.

I’ll  admit that sometimes I will go back into my shell a little bit but I always climb out ASAP! (It’s a very cramped shell…. not very comfortable at all! And I got used to stretching out so I cant handle that discomfort for very long at all)

I may not be perfect, but I’m happy!

At the end of the day isn’t that all that matters?!



New job

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Im sure I already mentioned that I recently left my job of 7 years to go onto bigger and brighter things, well today marked day two of my new job! I think I’ll like it there! The people are great, the work is hard yet satisfying and the time just goes sooo ridiculously fast it’s actually unreal! I’d be lying if I said that I’m comfortable there though! I don’t know where anything is! I don’t know their routines and I feel like I’m drowning a little bit! It’s overwhelming!!! That said though I definitely would NOT go back to the old place! A new challenge is on my horizon… I can either sink or swim… 

I choose to swim! 



The Liebster Award!

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Firstly I would like to thank Miss B for choosing me as one of the 11 bloggers to be nominated for this award! As someone who is very very new to the blogging community, this really means a lot to me!

In order to accept this award, you must accept these conditions

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.

4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.

5. Notify all nominees through a social media/blog.

My Q&A

  1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did that happen!?

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a hairdresser. I used to sit and watch my aunt cutting hair whenever I got the opportunity and just be entranced by the way the hair could just be manipulated whatever way she wanted. I still enjoy watching it being done from time to time. I don’t know why but one day I just decided that this was not the career path that I wanted anymore and I stand by that decision. It is not one of the regrets that I have in life.

2. What celebrity/famous person have you been told you look like? Has this happened often?

I don’t think I have ever been told that I look like a famous person. However given the choice I wouldn’t object to being told like I look like Jessica Alba 😛

3. What is your pet peeve?

My pet peeve is probably poor manners. As someone who has worked with the public for an extended period of time it really bugged me when people didn’t say “please” and “thanks”. They are small little words, that take no effort to say whatsoever but they really make a difference to how people are perceived. After all it’s nice to be nice as they say.

4. Who has been the biggest influence on you and how have they impacted your life?

This is a really hard question because I honestly can’t say who has had the biggest impact on my life. In recent years there has been more that one person so I think i’m gonna mention more than one person (technically the question doesn’t specify one person :P) So I want to mention my friends C and G. People who don’t really know me very well think will that i’m very quiet, and this is true to an extent but in the past few years I truly believe that I have come out of my shell a lot, and I think they have helped me to do this. I also think that I has made an impact on my life. Now, I’m very far from being fit but he helped me to achieve some goals and set some goals so he has also made an impact on my life.

5. What is your most annoying habit?

I’d say the most annoying thing I do is keep too much to myself. As an individual I find it very hard to share how I’m feeling about things. I have people in my life that I know I can trust and I know that it bugs my friends and I swear I’m trying to stop it but old habits die hard and all that jazz.

6. What five famous people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party and why?

I know that for this list I should probably list out the people who changed the world, like Gandi or Mother Teresa but this is my dinner party so I’m gonna go with the people that I actually want to talk to.

I would love to have the opportunity to chat with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I absolutely love that he tries to help other artists to become successful with his company HitRecord, and he just seems like an all around nice guy. (He’s also quite easy on the eyes if I’m being honest here!)

I would invite Zoey Deschanel to be another guest because I love how happy she comes across. I think if the world had just a fraction of the positivity that she possess it would be a much better place.

I would definitely have Freddie Murcury at this dinner party. I would like to pick his brains about how differently he felt on and off stage. I also wouldn’t mind knowing how one man could carry so much confidence and the ability to woo pretty much everyone he knew.

I would also have Georges-Escoffier. This man is known as the father of cuisine as we know it today. He changed the way food was looked at and how we still look at it today.

Finally I would have Jensen Ackles, because… well just look at him! 😛

7. What do you do to relax?

Usually to relax I just sit in front of the computer, sometimes i’ll read a book or catch up with some friends.

8. What is the best book you’ve ever read and why?

Oh, this is a toughy. I think I’m gonna have to go with the Diary of Anne Frank. I know that I should have read it years ago, but in actual fact, I only read it recently. Her portrayal of life as a victim of war really shows that we take so much for granted. I can honestly say that I have no idea how they stayed there for so long. I could go on and on about how this book amazed me so much, so I think I’ll just leave it at that.

9. Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

If I was stranded on a desert island I would want to be there with captain Jack Sparrow! If, for some chance we were unfortunate enough to be unable to maneuver our way off said island, we could just drink his hidden stash of rum and all would be right in the world.

10. What was the last picture you took on your phone? (feel free to post it!)

The last picture on my phone is me with 3 friends at the beach. Definitely not posting it haha.

11. What was the last lie you told?

Hmm, the last lie I told was probably saying that I didn’t have something belonging to my brother when I did.. I gave it back to him… eventually… He’s just really fun to annoy! 😛

So, now that they’re taken care of I can get onto my nominations. (I know that its supposed to be for people with less that 200 followers but I couldnt see everyone’s followers)












And now for my questions:

  1. If you could have any superpower at all, what would it be and why?
  2. What is your favourite photo?
  3. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  4. Are you a good listener?
  5. What is the saddest movie that you have ever watched and did you cry?
  6. Do you find it hard to forgive people if they’ve hurt you?
  7. Do you always take people’s advice on board or do you sometimes ignore it and do what you want, even though you know it’s sound advice?
  8. What’s your favourite animal?
  9. Describe what you see in this picture 
  10. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  11. Would you consider yourself to be a generally happy individual and can you increase this level of happiness?

Happy blogging people



Such a Fun Night!!

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So today I should be nursing the mother of all hangovers, but I’m surprisingly fresh! Maybe I’m jumping the gun here and it will kick in as soon as I publish this but for now I will just bask in the glory that I’m not dying and try to enjoy my blissful unsickness. I don’t understand how this is happening but you will hear no complaints from this happy camper!

Last night I went out with a few people from work to celebrate (in my case) and grieve (in their cases) both my leaving and that of another colleague. Any night out that we have had in the past is usually classified as a “messy night” whereby people get lost and sick and nobody can find anyone by the end of the night, but last night was different. I’m definitely not saying that we did not get absolutely hammered, but we stayed together for pretty much the whole night and we found everyone at the end of the night!

Although everyone was found at the end of the night, it does not mean that everyone left together! Myself and R, the other girl that was leaving too, ended up going to the beach with two random people from our hometown. It was so, so, so cold, but I’m really glad that we did it! I’m also really glad that it was R that I got to share the experience with, after working with her for so long it was a nice way to end our going away party together. (Also I only spent €4 for the entire night so I was delighted with that! 🙂 )

I would like to say that I am so thankful for the presents that I got from the people I work with. They are a fab bunch of people and I can honestly say that I will miss seeing them all the time! The bants were most definitely had and the craic was mighty! So thanks for being friends guys, rather than just people I worked with.




I also got a few more apologies from D, (my stander-upper) so at least I know that he actually does feel bad for doing it.

have a beautiful day people! 🙂

Not Happy

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The other night I had arranged to meet a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. I must admit that I was honestly nervous and excited about meeting him again. He texted me during the day to confirm a time and to make sure I was still interested in going out which reaffirmed the little bubbles of nervous excitement that I had. We had planned to meet at 9ish in the city, but I wanted a quick chat with a friend before I met him,  (she’s going to America for 3 months) so I was in the city for about 8.45 – 8.50, not terribly early but it meant that I was en route when I received a message from him to say he was running a little late. That was fine with me as I was having the chats with a friend anyway so I honestly wasn’t bothered. After waiting to hear from him for roughly an hour and a half (still in my friend’s house), I decided that it was time to call it a night and to go home.

I sent him a message to say that I wasn’t going to wait any longer (secretly hoping that he would ask me to wait) but he didn’t see the message for about half an hour after I sent it (on whatsapp you can see if it’s been read or not) and by that stage I was so angry that I didn’t even want to see him anymore. After he saw the message he replied straight away saying that he was really sorry and that he didn’t know that he was going to be delayed and he apologized some more. I told him that I was after leaving and signed off by saying “talk soon”. Later that night I got a message from him saying that he was a complete dick for standing me up… I honestly believe that this was unintentional on his part but the fact that he didn’t contact me more when he knew that I was waiting bugged me to no end. This is a decent guy! I was truly gutted! This was strange for me because usually I let everything just slide over my head. I don’t really get emotional and at this stage in my 23 years of life I have perfected the art of hiding my feelings so really no one knew the inner turmoil that’s been going on in my head.

This has never happened to me before so I don’t even know what social convention I’m supposed to follow in a situation like this. Then again I don’t usually go with the norms of society so I don’t plan on doing it now. I was hurt. I was angry at him for doing this to me but also angry with myself for waiting. I felt pathetic since I was obviously not worth his time and pissed off with myself for allowing myself to feel this way.

I haven’t spoken to him since the last message of that night and I don’t know if that’s a childish way for me to react because at the end of the day no one was physically hurt (not sure if a severely bruised ego counts here LOL) and people are allowed to make mistakes.

Still feeling kinda pissed though… whether justified or not.

I feel better now that I got that off my chest!

Also I had my last day in work after 7 years of employment in the same place. Needless to say I was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster today. (but the smile remained on my face 🙂 )